New drummer Julie joining to complete line-up!

At last, after many long weeks searching the gem, HellXHere is proud to announce that their line-up is now complete after the arrival of Julie on the drums.

Julie began the drums at the age of 14 in order to form a girl band with her childhood friends. In spite of the fact that the project didn't follow up, she fell in love with the instrument during her first course with Georges Leibovitz with which she took courses during 3 years.

Then came her first experiences in bands (pop, rock) and above all a whole year self-teaching to improve her double bass drum skills and finally her preparation for the audition of the MAI (Music Academy International) of Nancy. After her successful acceptance into it, Julie spent at the MAI - as she says about it; the most beautiful year in her life, full of awesome musical meetings!

After the end of this school year and some experiences in several rock bands in the widest sense, she came back to her native region still with the very first aim to live from her passion.

More information about Julie can be found on the Band's page


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2011-10-12 Review on France Metal Museum

Musicalement, HELLxHERE propose un Heavy Metal teinté de Thrash oldschool évoquant les débuts de Metallica, Megadeth ou Anthrax. Vous avez donc à faire ici à du rentre-dedans énergique. Les titres s'enchainent, nous
balançant à la face des compositions où les mélodies sont bien présentes mais pourtant agressives, Thrash oblige.
Un aspect musical parfaitement maitrisé et dont les compositions sont d'excellente facture.
Pour un premier essai discographique, HELLxHERE à tapé dans le mille et fait preuve avec cet album, d'une étonnante maturité... surtout pour un premier opus !


by Duby


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