Tour 2012: 2 more dates and a visual added!

Since the previous news, two more dates have added to the tour: One more gig in Nice and one gig in Valence.

Take a look at the Tour page for more details !

For the occasion, Julie Andreoli designed the following visual. Thanks for the great work!

Tour 2012 - Visual by Julie Andreoli

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2011-07-10 Review on

Saint Laurent Du Var, France is where HellXHere calls home. You do not hear of many metal bands from this town, but maybe that is about to change because HellXHere are for real
I like the fact that the bands influences are clearly retro, but their sound is more modernized and avoids being a rehash of their influences. The music is aggressive and technical with a clear emphasis on the guitar and the production is very respectable
HELLXHERE is a promising debut, with plenty to admire and room for growth. Fans of Rage, Judas Priest, Charred Walls of The Damned, and Coroner should find HELLXHOME an attractive proposition


3.5/5 by Erich


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